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Hi folks:
We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at Sunday’s shoot, with the first group going out around 7:00AM. The kitchen will be up, with breakfast sandwiches, pastries and drinks available shortly thereafter. Later on we’ll switch to chicken salad, tuna salad, and ham sandwiches and wraps through closing.

The forecast is for mild temps in the 70s, light winds, and a chance of scattered thunderstorms – hopefully after the shoot is done! We hope to have all groups on the course by 10:30, as we need to begin pulling stakes for planned forestry work right after the shoot.

FYI We’ve been tweaking the course and adding more directional signage; it’s quite a different forest feel with dense greenery replacing the bare trees of last Spring. Also be prepared for a new, optional “Mulligan” target on your walk back to the clubhouse from #30; you don’t get anything for nothing so this will be a genuine risk-reward decision, in view of the audience on the clubhouse porch.

See you all there!

Ken Towl
WSC Archery: “Aiming, for Fun”

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No GSB shoot for July 13th

Sorry…. no takers on an open date in our calendar. For those that wish to shoot, there is a non-GSB, open to the public event in Maine this Sunday. I can’t make any statements regarding the shoot, course, club or rules. What I can do is provide the Clubs website address and make note that the Archery Shoot is to be at their Berwick Range. Visit the site for more directions.
Sanford-Springvale Fish and Game Protective Association

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Change in our schedule… No shoot on 7/13.

Unfortunately, Pelham isn’t going to be ready for our scheduled visit on July the 13th. We’ve had two alternate clubs looking into taking the date but it might be too short notice for them to get the event cleared. Pass this schedule upset around and keep an eye out here and in the GSB Announcement area of the Web Forums for any updates.

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A message from Watanic Bowmen

Thank you to everyone who attended the Watanic Bowmen Charity Archery Shoot on Father’s Day Weekend. Special thanks to Hidden Valley Traditions and Archer’s Paradise (big Al’s) for their donations to our raffle. We also would like to thank the GSB organization for allowing us to have this charity shoot on Father’s Day weekend every year. Our combined efforts have made it possible to donate $800 to the St James Community Food Pantry in Merrimack, N.H. Congratulations to Sean Powers, winner of the 3D deer target.

Reagh Greenleaf, President, Watanic Bowmen

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Watanic 3-D June 14th & 15th

I just got home from running the course at Watanic this morning and what a nice setup. Not your typical 3D in Merrimack this weekend, can’t wait to get in there this Sunday. See everybody in the morning.

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Fathers Day is almost here

Fathers Day weekend brings an annual charity event sponsored by GSB member club Watanic Bowmen in Merrimack, NH. Their Annual Charity Archery Shoot will be held June 14th and 15th. Saturday will be a Traditional Shoot only and Sunday will be an open GSB Shoot. Join us for fun, food and raffles. Proceeds will be donated to The St. James Food Pantry.

GSB is always thankful for the efforts of our Member Clubs and want to remind everyone that through these charity events, many local families in need of a helping hand receive the assistance that makes a difference in their lives.

There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

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June Championship Shoot

A reminder that GSB has raffle tickets that help us to defer the cost associated with the Championship shoot and if you’d like a chance to win either a $750 shopping credit with Big Al’s or $500 cash, you’d better buy your tickets soon. The drawing will be held at the Championship Shoot at 12 noon, June 8th.

On Sunday, June 8th, 2014, Granite State Bowhunters will hold our State Championship Shoot. The event will be held at the Stateline Field and Stream Club in South Hampton, NH. Event registration will commence at 7:00 A.M.. All registered competitors MUST be ready to enter the course by 10 A.M. without exception. Registration will require your GSB Membership card for 2014 be presented at the time of registration. Shooting fees will be $15 per competitor. Youth, Cub and FBH classes shoot for free but, these minors MUST shoot with a parent throughout the entire event.

Groups will be shooting the course as follows:
MBO, MBR, FBRO, FHC and MHC will be required to shoot the “first” 15 targets, as instructed by the Range Officer, representing their first loop.

SNR, MSNR, RHC, TLRW, TLRU and FTLRU will be directed to shoot the “second” 15 targets of the course for their first loop.

Youth, Cub and FBH will be directed by the Range Officer on the morning of the Shoot.

These groups will then be sent out to the opposing half of the course for the second half of the event. Shooters MUST shoot the half as directed, therefore if you usually shoot with persons that have been assigned to the other half of the course, you will not be able to shoot your first half with them this week and need to be prepared to enter the course with other archers. There will be no groups smaller than three archers without the direct consent of the Range Officer.

State Shoot competitors will shoot ONE half of the 30 target course as determined by the Range Officer and as listed in the paragraphs above. The assignment as to which classes will shoot which half of the course first is intended to keep the whole course full, reducing backups.

ALL first half scores MUST be turned in by noon. This means scores must be totaled before you arrive at the table from the first half of the shoot. These scores will be used to group the classes for the second half of the event. The scores from the first half will be dropped and shooters will be issued two cards for second half scoring (final scoring).

The second half of the event will begin at the descretion of the Club Officers and participants must be ready when called or face disqualification. Groups will consist of three to five competitors within the same shooting class, although the Club may release mixed or oversized groups if it is necessary to promote consistent group sizes.

Final scoring cards (double cards) are to be compared, totaled and signed by participants before being presented at the registration table upon completion of the second 15 target loop. Scores may be reviewed by Club Officers or GSB Board Members prior to final acceptance.

Keep in mind that your first half scoring is dropped and only used to promote peered groups for the second (scoring) half of the event, therefore, all scores MUST be totaled before noon. Whether you shoot 5, 10 or 15 targets on the first half, you will be shooting the second half of the event.

Non-competing archers are still welcome and may shoot for a straight $10 fee, but you must respect the competitors on the course not interfere with these sportsmen and women.

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Rules update, new class, schedule changes.

The GSB Host Clubs and Board had our second meeting of 2014 and there have been some issues and changes that our general membership needs to be aware of.

The first of which is an update to the rules governing the shooting positions for each class. There were some classifications that had the phrase ” or any stake of a further distance from the target” when identifying the designated stake for that class. This phrase has since been removed and the stake identified under each class of shooter is mandated for use as defined.

There has been a new classification offered and accepted, making our events more inviting to female archers of the traditional discipline.
Female Traditional Unlimited (FTLRU)
Archers in this female-only class must use the same equipment as the Traditional Unlimited Class (TLRU). FTLRU archers will shoot from the white stake.

Being a new Class, there may be some confusion at first, but we feel it will help us in welcoming new shooters.

Our last news is regarding the GSB Championship shoot date and location. There has been feedback regarding the original date as it conflicts with a non-GSB major event and we feel it would severely reduce the number of attendees to our annual Championship. We regret to announce that the shoot location had to be moved from Chester Rod & Gun Club over to Stateline Field and Stream Club due to the calendar commitments already on record. The date of the GSB Championship shoot is now listed as June 8, 2014 and will be held at Stateline in South Hampton. Please update your calendars accordingly.

These updates and schedule modifications are, in the opinion of the Board and the Host Club membership, in the best interest of promoting well attended events and welcoming new interested Archers to our sport.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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January 2014 updates

Welcome to the new season. GSB has received applications for membership from two of our old Clubs. The Board and Host Club Representatives have voted to accept these two old friends back into the GSB circuit of shooting sites. Pelham Fish and Game Club along with Monadnock Rod and Gun Club are now listed as first year members and will be participating in this years shoot schedule. Speaking of the Shoot Schedule… January 26th shoot has been taken by Essex County SA. The remaining 2014 shoot calendar should be ready in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on this page for future announcements.

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Welcome to 2014

Here we are, ready to shoot our first event of 2014 and most of us are wrestling with snow to clear, stoves to stoke and decorations that are ready to be packed away. All things considered, this Sunday is looking like a good piece of weather and Brentwood is always an interesting winter shoot. Over the next few days, I’ll get the Forums cleaned out from last years traffic and be ready to post our first results. I’ve had several new users register with the site recently and look forward to seeing all our old friends and making new ones.

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