Rules update, new class, schedule changes.

The GSB Host Clubs and Board had our second meeting of 2014 and there have been some issues and changes that our general membership needs to be aware of.

The first of which is an update to the rules governing the shooting positions for each class. There were some classifications that had the phrase ” or any stake of a further distance from the target” when identifying the designated stake for that class. This phrase has since been removed and the stake identified under each class of shooter is mandated for use as defined.

There has been a new classification offered and accepted, making our events more inviting to female archers of the traditional discipline.
Female Traditional Unlimited (FTLRU)
Archers in this female-only class must use the same equipment as the Traditional Unlimited Class (TLRU). FTLRU archers will shoot from the white stake.

Being a new Class, there may be some confusion at first, but we feel it will help us in welcoming new shooters.

Our last news is regarding the GSB Championship shoot date and location. There has been feedback regarding the original date as it conflicts with a non-GSB major event and we feel it would severely reduce the number of attendees to our annual Championship. We regret to announce that the shoot location had to be moved from Chester Rod & Gun Club over to Stateline Field and Stream Club due to the calendar commitments already on record. The date of the GSB Championship shoot is now listed as June 8, 2014 and will be held at Stateline in South Hampton. Please update your calendars accordingly.

These updates and schedule modifications are, in the opinion of the Board and the Host Club membership, in the best interest of promoting well attended events and welcoming new interested Archers to our sport.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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January 2014 updates

Welcome to the new season. GSB has received applications for membership from two of our old Clubs. The Board and Host Club Representatives have voted to accept these two old friends back into the GSB circuit of shooting sites. Pelham Fish and Game Club along with Monadnock Rod and Gun Club are now listed as first year members and will be participating in this years shoot schedule. Speaking of the Shoot Schedule… January 26th shoot has been taken by Essex County SA. The remaining 2014 shoot calendar should be ready in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on this page for future announcements.

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Welcome to 2014

Here we are, ready to shoot our first event of 2014 and most of us are wrestling with snow to clear, stoves to stoke and decorations that are ready to be packed away. All things considered, this Sunday is looking like a good piece of weather and Brentwood is always an interesting winter shoot. Over the next few days, I’ll get the Forums cleaned out from last years traffic and be ready to post our first results. I’ve had several new users register with the site recently and look forward to seeing all our old friends and making new ones.

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Nice job Chester

Chester put on a great shoot today, few repeat shots from previous setups and many very new targets throughout the course. This course will be a great practice run for those that will have the hunting gear in use when we return at the end of August.
Thank you for the effort you put into the field for GSB’s visit.

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A note from Watanic Bowmen

Thank you to White Mountain Traditional Bowhunters and all shooters who attended the Watanic Bowman Charity Archery Shoot on Father’s Day weekend. Special thanks to Hidden Valley Traditions, Wildlife Taxidermy, and Archer’s Paradise (big Al’s) for their donations to our raffle. Also let us not forget to thank the GSB Organization for allowing us to have this Charity Shoot date on Fathers Day weekend every year. Our combined efforts have made it possible to donate $700 to the St. James Community Food Pantry in Merrimack, NH

Watanic Bowmen

A footnote of behalf of the GSB Membership: Thank you to Watanic and our other member Clubs for your efforts and commitment to the Sport of 3D Archery and your local communities.

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2013 State Shoot, May 19th, 2013

This is it! Take a look in the forums for our State Championship Shoot Announcement and finish your yard work Saturday, we expect a great turnout at Stateline this year. We also expect to be drawing the winning ticket from our first GSB Raffle, so if you haven’t picked up a ticket yet, time is running out! See you all there.

*Remember, if you have not filed a copy of the Release Agreement (opens in a new Window/Tab) that Stateline requires, you can download this one and have it filled out in advance.

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Westford, Ma

Kudos to Westford! Excellent shoot! Great weather, nice course and very good targets. Thank you for having us at your facility.

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Welcome to May

New Hampshire Turkey Season opens this Friday, Westford is on the schedule for Sunday, weather is looking pretty good from here. Hoping all our members have the yard work caught up and a bird in the freezer come Saturday. Sunday should be a great day to get out. Haven’t seen many ticks myself but, they are out there, so keep your eyes open, your clothing treated and lets have a great time this weekend.

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A little cool, a bit breezy…

Thank you for the updates made to the course this past Sunday at Essex. The turnout looked quite good and I’m certain everyone appreciated the effort you made. We’ll see Essex again in May.

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Schedule for 2013 Complete!

Finally got the schedule full and posted! Thank you to all that helped us with the empty dates and to everyone else for being patient with me. The Championship Shoot is only a few weeks off, better get yourself “in tune”!

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