Hoping for a change in weather

Unfortunately, hope isn’t getting us back on the circuit this week as Westford notified us that they will not be able to host the March 8th shoot date due to snow. Too bad, but no one can blame them. The woods even up here are full of with and plenty of depth. Keep checking the website as I will get the shoot schedule updated over the next day or so.

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ECSA Shoot March 1, 2015

To all. ECSA has to cancel our 3D shoot on Mar 1st ’15. This weather is killing us !!
Everything is buried, targets, stakes etc. Lets hope the weather breaks soon.
Gus Hoaglund, delegate

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AAAHHHHH! Sorry…. another cancellation!

Lone Pine has also been forced to cry “uncle”! It has been one heck of a winter so far, but it will be getting better soon and we’ll all get back to what we all are looking for. Friends and competition.

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Copied from the Forum area of our website regarding the 2/15 event:

The South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club will have to cancel this weekend shoot! We can’t get the the snow machine through the course because of the snow!
I’m very sorry to be so late telling you this, but we were hoping to get it open. :(

Dennis Pimentel

All are disappointed, but under the recent (and upcoming) barrage of storm after storm, it isn’t a surprise that there has been a cancellation, our 2nd of the season. South Fitchburg has developed a reputation for putting on a bang up breakfast, but this weekend I’ll have to fend for myself. Don’t forget your sweethearts and loved ones this Saturday! Hopefully Gary can get the Lone Pine open for us next weekend and we’ll see everyone soon.

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February 8th shoot cancelled

This post is copied directly from the Forums:
Gentlemen, ECSA has to cancel our 3D shoot on 8 Feb ’15. Snow is the issue. Paths to targets has 3′-6″ of snow cover. We don’t have the man power to remove & clear the trails to the targets. This is very upsetting for us. This is the first time we have had to do this. Not like us !!!
So sorry guys. The 8th is an open date for another club to pic up.

We also have another event on the same day, ECSA Fishing Derby which was postponed from last weekend, due to snow, to the 8th Feb ’15.

So sorry again. see U all on 8 March ’15
Thank U all !
Gus Hoaglund

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January Weather

To all who traveled on the 18th. Things got pretty tricky on our way home, and I don’t think it mattered which direction you were heading. I truly hope all made it safely both Sunday and each day that followed to their destinations. We are not the weather forecasters, but hopefully this weekend has fewer surprises in store as we shoot at Chester.

One piece of news that has come from the first GSB meeting of 2015 is that at the end of this year, Jim B. will be retiring from the Treasurers position. We will be seeking a member that has an interest in volunteering their services in the GSB Treasurers role for 2016. This will require that they make contact with us prior to the middle of the shooting calendar for review by the GSB Board and Member Clubs. First contact should be addressed to our President, Mark Patton at markbh@comcast.net .

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A cold day gone by

Thanks to the crew at the South Fitchburg Hunting and Fishing Club for hosting the event on Sunday the 11th. We had a great time, good food with excellent kitchen service, and from the looking at the parking lot, the turnout was pretty good considering it was several degrees below zero when we arrived at 7:00! The number of traditional shooters was quite good and it was a pleasure seeing so many of our archery family get out into the field again. Rumor has it that one of the South Fitchburg GSB Representatives may have been attending a child birthing. Congratulations if that was the case.

Essex County Sportsman’s Association is next on the calendar, weather is looking a bit less extreme than it was today, let’s keep our fingers crossed as the week progresses.

Have a good week and safe travel. Make an effort to invite someone to the GSB 3D Shoots and let’s see how high we can drive the membership this year!

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Welcome to the New Year

No secrets here, we’re coming up on the first 3D event of 2015 and as usual, Lamprey River Bowhunters will be hosting the shoot at the Brentwood Recreation facility. Keep in mind that we’ve had to adjust the weekly shooting fees and the price of a GSB membership this year. The annual fee for general membership to GSB for the Shooting Community is now $10 for single and $15 for family membership per calendar year. Weekly shoot fees are now $12 for GSB members and $15 for non-member for regular events.

The election of GSB Officers and Secretary, along with the shoot schedule for the remainder of 2015 will be covered during our quarterly meeting set for January 15. Posting of the Schedule will follow within a few weeks afterwards.

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Copied from the forum…

Hi folks:
We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at Sunday’s shoot, with the first group going out around 7:00AM. The kitchen will be up, with breakfast sandwiches, pastries and drinks available shortly thereafter. Later on we’ll switch to chicken salad, tuna salad, and ham sandwiches and wraps through closing.

The forecast is for mild temps in the 70s, light winds, and a chance of scattered thunderstorms – hopefully after the shoot is done! We hope to have all groups on the course by 10:30, as we need to begin pulling stakes for planned forestry work right after the shoot.

FYI We’ve been tweaking the course and adding more directional signage; it’s quite a different forest feel with dense greenery replacing the bare trees of last Spring. Also be prepared for a new, optional “Mulligan” target on your walk back to the clubhouse from #30; you don’t get anything for nothing so this will be a genuine risk-reward decision, in view of the audience on the clubhouse porch.

See you all there!

Ken Towl
WSC Archery: “Aiming, for Fun”

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No GSB shoot for July 13th

Sorry…. no takers on an open date in our calendar. For those that wish to shoot, there is a non-GSB, open to the public event in Maine this Sunday. I can’t make any statements regarding the shoot, course, club or rules. What I can do is provide the Clubs website address and make note that the Archery Shoot is to be at their Berwick Range. Visit the site for more directions.
Sanford-Springvale Fish and Game Protective Association

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