Off Season Activities

Sunday, November 15 2015

Turkey Shoot
1PM till it’s done
Turkey Shoot
Birdshot on paper targets at 25 yards
run by the MRGCI Hunter Education Team – All proceeds go to support the Annual Robert C. Heywood Memorial Children’s Fishing Derby …run since 1947, and completely free to all area children and their families!

Birdshot at 25 yards on 8″ paper circle. Closest pellet to the crosshairs (dead center) wins! A mix of skill, gun patterning, and chance! $2 per shot, Club provides all ammo, loaner shotguns available. Winner of each round takes home a turkey.

Visit Monadnock Rod & Gun Club for additional information.

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A young boy will be missed….

Christopher Chester passed away suddenly. Please take a moment and reflect on what we’ve lost.

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After Watanic…..

We had a great visit at the Watanic Bowmen Club and the shoot was very well setup. We would also like to congratulate Sarah Kimber as her name was drawn for our 2015 Raffle. Her ticket was purchased at the Westford Club quite recently. On a side note, Reagh Greenleaf was our top salesman for Raffle Tickets and the entire organization wishes to thank him for his efforts and support.

Shooter of the year will be listed soon, I just need to review one or two close totals.

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Last practice

We’re at it again…. the last weekend of the 3D season, now onto the first days of our most colorful and changeable time of year, although not as obvious yet, but still our White Tail season is ready to open.

I received a couple of thoughts from Watanic:
Last GSB 3D shoot for the year at Watanic Bowmen September 13.

Last chance to buy GSB raffle tickets, drawing at shoot between 11:00 – 12:00.

Last chance to practice for hunting on 3D targets.

Please come and have some fun!

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A final update to 2015 schedule

Westford Sportsman’s Club has signed up for the 6th of September. This can be a great way to loosen up before the hunting season gets into full swing. Every opportunity to shoot a different course with your hunting bow helps to make us confident and efficient. We’ll see you on the course.

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A thank you from Watanic

Thank-you to everyone who attended Watanic Bowmen’s Wayne Stone Memorial Charity Archery Shoot on Father’s Day weekend. Special thanks to Hidden Valley Traditions, Archers’ Paradise (big Al’s), and Wildlife Taxidermy for their donations to our raffle.

We would also like to thank the GSB organization for allowing us to have this charity shoot on Father’s Day weekend each year. Even with the inclement weather, we were able to raise $600 for the St. James Community Food Pantry in Merrimack, N.H.

Congratulations to Sean Powers, winner of the Zombie target and Lisa McAllister, who won the 3D deer target.

Reagh Greenleaf, President
Watanic Bowmen

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Fun Shoot on Saturday at Stateline!

Stateline will be having a 2 day shoot this weekend. The June 27th shoot on Saturday is for the people who want a place to shoot this weekend because of the impending RAIN on Sunday. Saturdays shoot WILL NOT count for shooter of the year points, (some people do work Saturdays) the course will remain set for Sunday just in case the rain doesn’t come. We will move stakes Saturday afternoon just in case people want to shoot Saturday for fun and for points on Sunday.

Mark (Stateline Field & Stream )

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Charity Event at Watanic in Merrimack

Well, we’re past our Championship shoot, thank you Chester for setting up a challenging course and congratulations to the winners within each Class.

This coming Weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, the Watanic Bowmen have their annual charity shoot scheduled. This is quite fun and benefits the St James Community Food Pantry in Merrimack. On Saturday, the shooters will be traditional style only and attendees must be shooting either recurve or long bow only. Sunday will be an open event, allowing all classes under the GSB 3D organization to participate. This is a scorable event in our Shooter Of the Year point system.

Watanic 2015 Flyer

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Upcoming Championship Event

On Sunday, June 14th, 2015, Granite State Bowhunters will hold our State Championship Shoot. The event will be held at the Chester Rod & Gun Club in Chester, NH. Event registration will commence at 7:00 A.M.. All registered competitors MUST be ready to enter the course by 10 A.M. without exception. Registration will require your GSB Membership card for 2015 be presented at the time of registration. Shooting fees will be $17 per competitor. Youth, Cub and FBH classes shoot for free but, these minors MUST shoot with a parent throughout the entire event.
This will be a 30 target event, double score cards will be issued and are the responsibility of the competitor to maintain for the entire event, including break period.
Groups will be shooting the course as follows:
MBO, MBR, FBRO, FHC and MHC will be required to shoot the “first” 15 targets, as instructed by the Range Officer, representing their first loop.
SNR, MSNR, RHC, TLRW, TLRU and FTLRU will be directed to shoot the “second” 15 targets of the course for their first loop.
Youth, Cub and FBH will be directed by the Range Officer on the morning of the Shoot.
These groups will then be sent out to the opposing half of the course for the second half of the event. Shooters MUST shoot the half as directed, therefore if you usually shoot with persons that have been assigned to the other half of the course, you will not be able to shoot your first half with them this week and need to be prepared to enter the course with other archers. There will be no groups smaller than three archers without the direct consent of the Range Officer.
State Shoot competitors will score the ENTIRE 30 target course and must shoot in groups as directed by the Range Officer and as listed in the paragraphs above. The assignment as to which classes will shoot which half of the course first is intended to keep the whole course full, reducing backups.
ALL first half shooters MUST check in by noon. This means score cards may be reviewed by the Club Officers and groups may be modified at the the discretion of the Range Officer. Any Group that does not complete the first half by noon, may be disqualified for the second half of the event. The scores from the ENTIRE 30 target course will represent final scoring.
Groups may enter the second half of the event at the discretion of the Club Officers. Groups may take a reasonable period of rest or lunch, but must be ready to return to the course if directed to do so. The Club may release mixed or over sized groups if it is necessary to promote consistent group sizes or course movement.
Final scoring cards (double cards) are to be compared, totaled and signed by participants before being presented at the registration table upon completion of the entire 30 target course. Scores may be reviewed by Club Officers or GSB Board Members prior to final acceptance.
Non-competing archers are still welcome and may shoot for the standard shooting fees of $12 for members and $15 for non-members, but you must respect the competitors on the course not interfere with these sports men and women.

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A great day to be outside

Had a good shoot at Essex this morning, felt real good to get out and stroll around on the course. Air wash fresh, weather was perfect and the targets that Essex promised were good to see and some shifting around on the course was also appreciated. Thank you Gus and all your volunteers that helped to put this weekends shoot on.

Looking forward to a regular routine and the upcoming Championship shoot at Chester in June. Be sure to get your practice in as we only have 7 shoots scheduled before the the Championship. Westford is next on our schedule and promises to be interesting.

Don’t forget to pick up a couple of raffle tickets as the weeks go by, they help to support our organization, awards and provide one lucky person with a shopping trip in time for Deer Season.

See you Sunday.

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